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So, what’s a Kymeera?

Well, the traditional way of spelling Kymeera is Chimera, and it means: A thing that is hoped or wished for but seems illusory or impossible to achieve.
The Chimera originated in Greek mythology as a fire-breathing hybrid creature and over time has come to represent things perceived as wildly imaginative, desired but rare to achieve, and dazzling.
We changed the spelling because we are cool like that, but the meaning remains the same and part of our fabric.

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We believe in being neighborly


At Kymeera, we have made it our mission to infuse our capitalist nature with our desire to leave the world in a better place by committing at least 10% of our profits to various programs serving foster care and/or at-risk youths and automotive. Additionally, every team member volunteers at least once a quarter at company sponsored events and are supported with paid time off to volunteer for programs of personal passion.

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